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Mississippi Jobs Unfilled

Your silence or action could determine the funding Community Colleges receive in our state. If you don't know why you should care, read some of the facts below.

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The Priorities

Fair & Equitable

Restore funds cut in 2016 and raise salaries that haven't been touched in 9 years.

Workforce & Economic

Funding for career & technical programs to grow the pathway to middle-skill jobs.


A two-year bond commitment of $150M to improve aging infrastructure and fix safety concerns.

Did You Know?

Here are some facts you might not know about Community and Junior Colleges in Mississippi, and the great needs and opportunities they face.

With Your Help,
We Can Fill the Gap
and Keep Mississippi Strong.

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The Mississippi Association of Community and Junior Colleges’ membership is represented by the President of each of the 15 autonomous colleges which comprise the Community and Junior College system in the state of Mississippi. The Mississippi Community College Board is a coordinating state agency for state funds and state policies that apply to the colleges that comprise the MACJC. Each college is governed solely by its local Board of Trustees.

On behalf of each President, Board of Trustee Member, Faculty Member , Student, and College supporter we thank you for your advocacy and voice.